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About Pro Demolition Company researches local demolition companies throughout the United States (coming soon to Canada), so that customers only work with the most dependable, affordable demolition companies. The team at Pro Demolition Company has more than 40 years experience working in the demolition and construction industry. We saw and experienced first hand how often customers got ripped off by unlicensed demolition contractors, or simply untrustworthy demolition companies that used shady business practices to squeeze every last dollar our of their customers. While we saw many untrustworthy companies that we definitely wanted to stay away from, there were also a bunch of high quality companies that took their services seriously and treated their customers as great as possible. We created to help customers connect with those demolition companies who take pride in not only offering fast, on-time demolition, but also low prices as well.

Our Goals

  • Save Customers Time - Customers looking for a demolition company can find all the top companies right here as well as information and tips to select the best ones for their project.
  • Save Customers Money - All demolition contractors listed on are known for providing affordable demolition services, plus you can quickly get estimates from a few companies by filling out the quick quote form.
  • Promote the Best Demolition Companies - We thoroughly research local markets and promote only the top companies in each area.
  • Help Customers Avoid Hassles - We are always on the lookout for the latest scam and we also offer tips on how to avoid things such as hidden fees.